How it Works

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Long ago, people took their ideas to craftsmen who had the skills, wisdom and knowledge to bring those to life in wood, iron, silver or clay. The industrial age brought scale to manufacturing: soon it was all about volume, efficiency, cost savings and production lines, with the individual craftsman becoming almost obsolete.

We bring back the magic of being part of creating a beautiful, functional object. The digital world once again makes it possible to design and make (with the help of passionate and creative specialists) – one item at a time. Your choice is no longer limited to what is commercially available: you can choose a unique design,work with an individual manufacturer in your neighbourhood and put the finishing touches to the product yourself.

Today we call them makers and fabbers – people who apply their centuries old skills in a digital context.We call it open source design, where everybody can participate and contribute. We bring designers together to share their unique blueprints. We bring them and their products to people who want things made. And we share the networks of makers who use digital printing, laser cutting and engraving to assemble (at their workshop or your garage).

The output is a high quality product that is more durable, more cost effective and much less environment taxing than anything else on offer (with full traceability and guarantees).